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For help with the MediaWiki software, such as how to format text, see

Since we're still in the early stages, there isn't much else here, but we can offer this advice:

  • If you're here to study Japanese, or to contribute to translations of Japanese games, try Rikaichan, Perapera-kun, or a similar plugin for your web browser. It will help immensely: you can just mouseover the Japanese text and it will look up words for you. Of course, do be aware that the dictionary isn't infallible and can't take the context into consideration, but it still helps a lot, especially if you're a beginner.
  • Use the translate2 and translate3 templates to add translation text. Translate2 gives you two translation fields, and translate3 gives three fields.
    • When translating a Japanese game to English, you may want to use the jp-en (Japanese, English) and jp-k-en (Japanese, Kanji, English) templates, which are more convenient. See a translation such as Tiny Toon Adventures for examples of both.

Use the sandbox for test edits.

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