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Hi, I'm Kef Schecter. I'm the creator of this wiki and a translator for many games here.

My linguistic abilities are, roughly:

  • English - native language (American dialect), with strong understanding of advanced grammatical points
  • Spanish - fluent in the written language, though not to a native-like level
  • Japanese - a moderate understanding of the written language. My understanding (without a dictionary) is probably somewhere between JLPT N3 and N2.
  • Latin - not very relevant for games, but a lower intermediate level
  • Italian - I study it here and there, but most of what I know comes from Spanish and Latin

I will occasionally dabble in translations from other Western European languages such as French or German, but I do not speak or study them in any real sense. (Nevertheless, I try to be close to 100% certain that my translation of a given sentence is correct before posting it.)

I get a lot of help from ##japanese on I also make use of WordReference, TheJapanesePage, and Japanese at Stack Exchange.