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I'm Esben. I just recently joined the wiki and i really like the idea of learning languages through video games. I've been trying out some different games myself before i found out about this web-site. My big goal is to one day become fluent in speaking japanese, though the road ahead of me is still very long. SAIKOU NA GENGO DAKARA GANBATTE IRU NE!! I would estimate my level of comprehension and language skills in japanese as N4-N3 more or less, but probably still not enough to be upper-intermediate. (Have studied japanese in 9 months now, so madamada ne..) Anyways, looking forward to help making this site even more awesome than it already is. (a paradise for language and gaming nerds!)

Here is a little summary of my language skills / knowledge:

  • Danish (Native language)
  • English (Second language, fluent to nearly a native-like level)
  • Spanish (Third language, able to understand and use the language in everyday situation and in an extensive variety of circumstances)
  • Japanese (Fourth language, with a firm fundamental understanding of the language and its basics. Can understand everyday situations to a certain degree.)

- 13-05-14

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