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NOTE — These abbreviations should generally be used only in annotations, not in running text.

[edit] General

  • contr: contraction
  • derog: derogatory
  • dial: dialectical (for some languages, a more specific term may be used)
  • eqv: equivalent [to]
  • fem: feminine speech
  • lit: literally (do not use this for "literary")
  • masc: masculine speech
  • neg: negative
  • pl: plural
  • sing: singular
  • smth: something
  • std: standard — used to provide the standard equivalent of dialectical language
  • usu: usually

[edit] Japanese

  • hon: honorific
  • hum: humble
  • ksb: Kansai-ben, the dialect of Osaka and other places
  • pol: polite
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