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  1. Apply common sense. This rule trumps all others.
  2. No harassment. Seriously.
  3. Linguistic ability — We're lenient on this, but it is not good form to attempt a translation that is too far beyond your means. If a particular bit of text is difficult to understand, leave it for someone else rather than provide a bad translation, or at least use the {{todo}} template to indicate you are not certain of the translation. (By all means, however, supply any context that may be helpful.)
    • However, do not be deathly afraid of making mistakes. から落ちる: even monkeys fall from trees. About the worst you could suffer is a slap on the wrist unless you are obviously malicious. Even the founder of the site makes stupid mistakes at times, so we're hardly in a position to criticize others for the occasional slip-up. ;)
  4. Manual of Style — Try to abide by the Manual of Style (but go ahead and break the guidelines if you're sure they do not apply to your situation). This is not a hard-and-fast rule — we can easily clean up mistakes — but it creates less work for us if you at least try to conform to existing standards.
  5. A bit of off-topic fun is OK — For example, our translation of Rockman 2 includes a translation of the popular song Can't Beat Air Man. Game manuals and things from strategy guides are probably fine too, but these are not as readily available as the games themselves, so there will usually not be as much demand for them. Just don't go overboard. :) Stuff that doesn't pertain to video games at all probably belongs on the off-topic section of the forum.
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