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NOTE: the following is a list of vocabulary translated I made directly from the Japanese version of the Pokemon Emerald game and is intended to be suited for English speaking learners of the Japanese language. (The vocabs are currently divided intro 9 random parts and streches from the beginning of the game untill around after receiving the 5th gym badge)

PS. in part 5 (exclussively?) some of the ū and ō characters got messed up and replaced with ? marks, sorry! ..also, I know it looks very messy right now but this is only a temporary interface. (after all they're all notes that wasn't intented to be puplic released to begin with)

Complete Pokemon Emerald Notes

PART:1 Pokemon Emerald Notes

denchigire - flat battery kankei - connection dekigoto - incedent, event, affair saisho - beginning settei - estamblishment, creation, ***options or preference setting (in computer software)*** hakase - doctorate, PhD yobaresu - to be called (a name) sunawachi - namely, i.e., that is ikimono - living thing, animal itarutokoro - everywhere, thoughout wareware - we nakayoku - getteng along with, making friends with asobu = closer to 'at lege' tasukeau - to help each other, to cooperate tokiniwa - at times, occationally awasete - in all, in total, besides shina - thing article, goods kurasu - to live, to get along, to spend (time) wakede ha nai - it doesn't mean that, I don't mean that** himitsu - sercret ippai - a cup of (counter), but also 'that is to say' or 'this means' tokiakasu - to explain kenkyuu - study, research wake - conclusion from reasoning kondo - this time, now hikkosu - to move (house) monogatari - tale, story, legend bouken - risk, venture, adventure deai - meeting, encounter yuuki - courage, bravery tobikomu - to jump in tobidasu - to jump out kenkyuujyo - research establishment (laboratory, institute) kenkyuushitsu - laboratory, seminar room, professor's office otsukaresama(desu) - thank you, much appreciated nagaiaida - long interval yuru - to shake ouchi - your house (or just freaking 'uchi' with hon. prefix!!) kofuu - old style hora - look! suteki - lovely katazuke - tidying up yasa - gentle rakuchin - pleasant, easy-going, easy life goran (after -te form) - please (or: try to) oiwai - celebration, congratulation awaseru - to match (together with), unit, check with tsunagaru - to be tired together, to connect to hikidasu - to pull/take out (sacar) dougu - tool, equipment suteru - to throw away asukeru - to give into custody, deposit, entrust modoru - to turn back, return katazuku - to put in order tsukue - desk oite - except, no other, at, in on utsuru - to be photographed ijyou - not less than, and more, and upwards ara - oh, ah kichinto - precisely aisatsu - greeting jissaini - practically noyama - hills and fields taiken - personal experince hozon - storage shibireru - to become numb, to go to sleep komoru - to be filled (with emotion) shirabemono - matter to be checked or investigated (shirabe - investegation) chousa - investigation totsuzen - sudden, unexpected donata - who goro - (approximate) time ect. toshigoro - approximate age doku - to step aside tanoshimi - enjoyment otonarisan - to next door neighbour sekaijyuu - around throughout the world** (name)-ttara - if... then yasei - wildness tsukamaeru - to catch shitaku - private residence or home..or arrengement kakikomu - to carry under arm (or: to fill in [form ect.]) naosu - to cure katsuyaku - activity tensou - a transfer, transmission shoubu - match, contest shiai - match, game, conts waza - technique kusuri - medicine dougu - equipment koumoku - item mahi - paralysis kizu - wound, injury kougeki - attack (noun) kouka - result, effect joutai - condition taoreru - to collaps, fall, drop tairyoku - psysical strength kaifuku - recovery (from illness) tojiru - to close, shut (shimeru) kinomi - nut, fruit, berry okuzukai - pocket money irekae - replacement, substitution indou - vagina, love-make technique kikoeru - to be heard:::* okoru - to get angry miniiku - to go and see misuteru - to abandon hiyoko - young bird numa - swamp (uo = fish) kusamura - clump of bushes osou - to attack kikasu - to inform about migoto - magnificent, beautiful, splendid nakanaka - very, quite, fairly €€€€€€€€€€€ taihen - closer to sugoi or totemo than takusan sousou - oh, yes! that's right, hmmmmm orei - thanking, expression of gratitude sekkaku - long-awaited, with trouble tsukeru - to attach, join, add, turn on doudai - remember 'dai' for indicating wh-questions! sarani - furthermore, again, after all keiken - experience tsumu - to pile up, stack, become fine choudo - just, exactly, right nagara - while, during, as yorokobu - to be delighted, glad bunpu - assignment, ditributiin okagede - thanks to you.. koushite - thus kousuru - to invade, resist, voyage sagasu - to search michi - street dorou - road ban - number (in a series), and counter for nights yowaru - to weaken (blabla)-toiiyo = you must (blabla) ! hikkaku - to scratch saidai - greatest, largest, maximum kougeki - attack bougyo - defence toku - profit, advantage, benefit, gain, rebirth in paradise, entering nirvana (spe- as in 'special') hayasa - speed (or: suhayasa in pokemon) agaru - to rise, go/come up, ascend taiatari - body blow (tackle) kiai - scream. fighting spirit chihou - area chikazukeru - to bring near, put close tairyoku - physical strength (i)ryoku - power kaifuku suru - to recover yasumaseru - to make someone rest omachidoosama - i'm sorry to have kept you waiting riyuo - use, utilization meichuu - a hit, hitting some that was aimed at mezurashii - rare, unusual ashiato - footprints hakken - discovery, detection, finding tenin - shop assistan, employee tsuku - to accede, take(seat ect.), to assume, to starte, breath, vomit. prick mejirushi - mark, sign ironna - various (shuju gussu - goods tsukaeru - to serve, work for, be usefull baai - case, situation tayori - news, information berobero - licking, (bero = toungue) herohero - completely exhausted*** umaku - skillfully, well tasty nigekiru - to get away skikakeru - to challenge, set (mines), commence ninoko - sparks shoukin - prize, monetary award chuumoku - notice, attention, observation (add suru to say 'to notice') kiga - hunger, starvation natsuku - to become emmotionally attached genni - actually, really shinni - indeed, really, absolutely, truly mondaiji - problem child isshun - a momoent, instant kuzureru - to collapse kinpatsu - blondhair kekkou - splendid, wonderful, nice, tasty, fairly tada - ordinary, mere nasakenai - miserable, pitiable, shameful mottainai - too good, unworthy of, impious otona, dainin - adult iya - unpleasant, disagreable shouhin - product mashi - not as bad yukkuri - slowly (osoi)

Final Extra Notes::::: sukecchi ga owaru made matte kure yo - wait until the sketch is done anata nara donna pokemon totemo nakayoku nareru kamo! = LIT: In your case, you would most likely be able to develop a very close bond with any pokemon

PART:2 Pokemon Emerald Notes

kakedashi - beginner sokode - so, accordingly, now, then, thereupon, therefore** mazu ha - first of all** kakuchi - every place, various places taosu - to knock down (deafeat) ozure - where, who, which, at any rate, sooner or later, eventually idetachi - dress, outfit osoreru - to fear, be afraid of (or just: osoru) toriyoseru - to send away far achikochi - here and there *** mezurashii - rare tanoshii - fun sagasu - to search for**** motomeru - to seek, request, demand, want, wish for, search for, pursue (pleasure), to hunt (a job) aisatsu - greeting (can be used with 'suru') imamade - so far, until now omoikkiri - with all one's strenght ooyorokobi - great joy (can be used with 'suru') tsurete - in proportion to kansei - complete, completion, accomplishment (can be used with 'suru') chousen - challenge shikakeru - to challenge tobitomeru - to challenge, to call somebody to halt ukeru *** to recieve** mushi - ignore mushitori - bug catching hikui - low isamu - to be lively, encouraged fuka - bad, wrong modoru - to turn back, return saikyou - strongest atsumeru - to collect shumi - hobby benri - handy touroku - register samishii - lonely buji - safety quietness bujini - peacfully, quietly, without problems mimamoru - to watch over azukaru - to look after itaru -to arrive at jouzu - skill, skillfully taisetsuni - carefully arawareru - to appear amari - remains, rest yogoreru - to get dirty sainou - talent tabisuru - to travel nageru - to throw, cast away shisen - one's one, glance, look awasu - to match, join together sunahama - sandy beach aranami - stormy waves funanori - sailor ochiru - to fall down, drop ashimoto - at one's feet dorobou - thief kurabe - comparison, contest kuraberu - to compare shiraberu - to investergate

Final Extra Notes:::::

moshi tatakaitaku nakattara shisen wo awasanakereba ii no yo ne! - if by any chance you don't want to fight, then your eye mustn't meet eachother! ganbatte minasai - try to do your best!!! tobitomerishite samunakattane - sorry for calling you to halt... Kamina - Ore wo dare da to omotte yagaru?!!! ( from the 'tengen toppa gurren lagann' anime serie)

PART:3 Pokemon Emerald Notes

tsureru - to lead, take (a person) [llevar] ousama - king tsuri - fishing make - loss makeru - to lose ojousama - daughter of high class family toreru - to come off/be removed itsumademo - forever, for good, itsumade - till when, how long? machibuseru - to ambush machikutabireru - to get tired of waiting kenkyuin - reseacher shorui - dokuments kabau - to project someone jyama - hindrance yousha suru - to show mercy tomochi - holdings nerau - to aim at koregurai - this much ite - bowman, archer daiji - important, valuable ubau - to disposses orei - thanking, gratitude souieba - which reminds me, come to think of it, so, yokeru - to avoid soredake - that much, only that ninkimono - popular person daro - i think (kinda) dekai - huge tane - seed tobasu - to fly, fire, hurl setsu - occasion, time, theory saku - to tear, rip up, cut up, bloom, avoid jouro - watering can sodatsu - to be raised (child ect.), be brought up, grow up sodateru - to raise, to rear, to bring up tabi - trip, travel, times (each time ect.) houru - to let go, abandon jimen - ground, earths surface ochiru - to fall down, drop, fail ikimono - living thing, animal hiromeru - to broaden, propaget??? fuka - wrong, bad tamani - occationally, once in a while umeru - to bury fuyasu - to increase, add to sekaijyuu - around through out the world minarau - to follow anothers example motaseru - to have someone to hold something, to allow someone to keep something saikin - latest, most recent, nowadays ikutsuka - few, some, several ikuraka - some, a little, somewhat, to some extent mazeru - to mix, stir, blend okashi - candy kikai - machine, mechanism

Final Extra Notes::::: tsutsuji-san ha boku no suubai tsuyoi! yudan shinai hou ga ii yo! = lit: tsutsuji-san is serveral times stronger than me! it's better you are'nt unprepared!

conditional + ii = you must te-form + ii = it's ok if you

PART: 4 Pokemon Emerald Notes

hamabe - beach koya - hut, cabin itto - the only way onjin - benefactor, patron buji - safety shibori - squeezing shitappa - underling, lower position ikidomari - dead end, no passage nigekome - to succeed in running away okashina - odd, strange, ridiculous okashii - stange, funny, amusing ikinari - suddenly komaru - to be troubled, bothered ubau - to snatch away, dispossed (passive = to steal) nusumu - to steal suteki - lovely, dreamy, great, fantastic, cool suteru - to throw away, cast aside nimotsu - luggage, baggage, payload (of a packet, cell ect.) tsukaisute -throwaway, disposable isshun - moment, instant chinamu - to be assosiated with, to be connected chinamini - by the way ataeru - to give (esp. to someone of lower status) mukau - to face, to go towards(muka=priceles) otosu - to drop, to lose, to download hiden - secret, mystery kimari - rule, agreement kau - to keep, raise, feed (other than buy) hitsuyou - necessary, needed iwa - stone ishi - stone, gem ganseki - rock sagaru - to retire, fall, decrease subayai - quick, fast ikasu - to make (the best) use of, to leverage (skills, experience ect.), to capitalise on (experience ect.) manabu - to study (in depth), to learn, to take lesson in yudan - unpreparedness (can be used with suru!!) suubai - serveral times (as large, over) iki - breath chousensha -challenger abareru - to act violently, to rage machinaka - downtown seisoku - inhabiting fumei - unknown akubi - yawn kyuuketsu - bloodsucking, sucking blood, donation of blood erabu - to choose, select doukutsu - cave idomu - to challange chousen - challenge chihou - area, region, district, locality youchuui - attention (care) required, needs special attention mayou - to lose one's ways, hesitate, waver tanin - another person futago - twins, a twin tsuchi - earth, soil jiyuuni - freely jiyuu - fredom, liberty, as it pleases you wakete - especially, above all,particularly mitatokoro - judging from appearances fuyasu - to increase, to add to shidai - enormous, immense….. can also mean this shit: - as soon as, immediatly (upon), dependent upon okoru - to happen 1# mujyaki - inocence, simple-mindedness seikaku - personality nakanaka - very, quite kaisha - company shachou - company president, manager kagayaku - to sparkle mebaeru - to sprout batsugun -outstanding, exceptional, excellent kouka - effect yousu - state, look, appearance omedetou - congratulations shinka suru - to evolve (shinka - evolution) kakutou - hand-to-hand-fighting, fight narabikaeru - to put things in order

Final Extra Notes::::: manabu - to study (in depth) benkyou suru - to study kenkyuu suru - to research shukudai suru - to do homework

PART: 5 Pokemon Emerald Notes

tanomu - to request, beg, ask tanoshimu - to enjoy oneself moshikashite - perhaps, possibly butsu - to hit (a person), beat, strike okiniiri - favourite Kenbutsu - sightseeing ji kosho u kai - self - introduction shiriau - to get to know someone o tagai- each other kyou mi - interest katsu dou - actions , activity to itte = AS !!! ( hagane no tsubasa toitte boku no okiniiri no waza dakara ) nakanaka - very , considerably tsuuji te!! - through , via ( keiyu ) kai wa - conversation surechigau - to pass by one another , disagree , miss each other tameshi ni - for instance , ( tameshi = custom , habit , usual , instance , example , case ) kekkou - splendid , nice , wonderful , ' i ' m fine ' ' i ' m good ' sore yori - other than that .... blabla , leaving that aside shi ?mi - hobby , tastes se zu ni!! - without ( doing ), instead of shikamo - moreover , furthermore kise ki - miracle , wonder tou cha ku - arrival nando mo - many times over , often boro - rag , scrap , tattered clothes sui men - waters surface shuuchi ?u - concentracion ko tsu - trick , secret awaseru - to match (rythm , speed , ect .), join together me tsuki - look , expression of the eyes shuju - variety chigai - difference be kko - another , different hoka - other en ri ? - diffidence , restraint , reserve ? kawatta - another , different motte - with , by bacchi ri - perfectly , properly warasa - middle - sized yellowtail ??? ( wara = straw ) hito yasumi - rest ren chi ?u - company , colleagues , those guys ( slightly impolite ) juubun - plenty , enough , sufficient tazune te iku - to ask , enquire kimi nara itsu demo dai kange i da yo - youre always welcome here ( lit : if you anytime warm welcome is !) kekkou - splendid , nice ( im good thanks ) ta iri ?ku - physical strength kaifuku - recovery , improvement ( kaifuku ) o azukari - under custody / undecided match , tie , draw o machi do o sama - im sorry to have kept you waiting go ri you - use , utilization yakudatsu - to be useful , helpful kusuri - medicine dou guya - second - hand shop , curio shop ( dougu = tools ) tsui ka kinou - additional funtion ( tsuika = additional , kinou = function ) kai hatsu - development tsui ka - additional kinou - function tou ro ku - registration , register , entry , record koushite - thus ( bonus - kousuru = to invade ) choushi - tone , key yo sa sou - good appearing kettei - decision , determination dondon - rapidly , steadly hosoi - thin , slender aibou ( aibou ) - partner , pal maa zutto ha nihongo no aibou ga mochitai koto ga daisuki yo ! tanken suru - to explore ( tanken suru ) kou ka - effect (+ high price ) batsu gun - extraordinary , outstanding , excellent , exceptional konnani kan ta n ni - so easy shugyou - pursuit of knowledge , studying chouse n - challenge ( korea and cat and sheep guts ?!) makiokosu - to create a sensation , gi rise to controversy se kaijuu - around or throughout the world otozureru!! - to visit kekkyo ku - eventually , in the end todoku!! - to reach , arrive , get at oyobu - to reach , amount to koso - for sure ( emphasize preceding word ) moeagaru - to flare up , burst into flames karappo - empty , hollow shitae - sketch nyuujou ryou - entrance fee kapparau - to walk off with yokosu - to send , hand over kore ppo cchi mo - this little , this few fuyasu - to increase , add to ri sou + nado - ideal , dream + the likes of , ect ( nado ) tada de ha - this isn ' t over , i will get my revenge * sumasu - to finnish , get over with shuppatsu - departure yattsuke ta - to attack an enemy hyotto shi te - by any chance , ( should ) it happen ( that ) kuttsuku - to keep close to , adhere to sakusen - strategi agaru - to rise, come up mezameru - to wake up okiru - to get up, wake up haiboku - a deafeat (noun) kakudai - enlargement zentai - whole, entirety kitaeru - to train, dicipline (sodateru)z sorehasoretoshite - that aside, anyways kiniiru - to be pleased with fusagu - to stop up, close up, block up, occupy ikute = path? tamae = please (to the stem of a verb [note: a bit manly]) zehitomo - by all means (with the sence of not taking 'no' for an answer) shiau - to do together shinken - seriousness tanomoshii - trustworthy, promising todoku - to reach, arrive, get through, get at* todokeru - to deliver, to forward, send* kiki ni oide - to come and listen migotoni - splendid soshitara - then hikisagaru - to withdraw, leave konchuu - insect, bug (mushi) aisuru - to love kawaranai - constant, invariant narabu - to line up chanto - perfectly tashikameru - to acertain, check, make sure irekaeru - to replace, substitute imahitotsu - not quite, not very good kouka ha imahitotsu youda = it's not very effective himeru - to hide, keep to oneself yokei - too much, unnecessary yarinaoshi - redoing sugoude - remarkable ability hannou - reaction (with suru) okubyou - cowardice (fejhed), timidity (frygtsomhed) kaihatsu - development kubomi - depression (but also: hule) tsukiru - to be used up, run out

PART: 6 Pokemon Emerald Notes

omoitsuku - to think of, to be strucked with an idea kikai - machine moyooshi - event, social gathering nanishiro - at any case sanka - participation amaru - to remain, be left over sousureba - so with that…, in that situation / case hyouka - estimation, evaluation shitsurei - impoliteness, excuse me, goodbye - shitsurei suru = to leave and say goodbye to a person iraira suru - to get fustrated, nervous chikamichi - short cut (gennemvej) atari - succes + (by the side of a river, pond) mokugeki suru - to observe konagona - i very small pieces subayai - fast sekkaku -accurate touzen - reasonable chihou - area yashiki - recidence, mansion kakejiku - hanging scroll ura - bottom (or another side that is hidden from view) kakejiku no ura - behind the hanging scroll nozoku - to remove, peek ana - hole susunde - at one's own free will kirimakuru - to attack and scatter denshou - tradition daiou - great king konran suru - to be confused (mayhem) aikotoba - password mayoukomu - to lose one's ways (mayoukonjyatta!) kakitsukeru - to write down tobira - door, gate, opening kasu - to lie down in bed hazureru - to be disconnected, get out of place hazure - end, verge houbi - reward, prize fushigi - wonder, miracle (fushiginaame) jikai - next time nonbiri - carefree, at leisure o-toku-na keijiban = 'trainer tips!' (honourable-profit-sign) atashi-kara-no-puresento - this is a gift from me* hannou - reaction (with suru) jyuuyou - important, essential (taisetsu)

PART:7 Pokemon Emerald Notes

kubaru - to deliver, deal cards ikinari - suddenly.... awaseru - to combine (better tanslation, right?) kumiawase = combination (konbineeshon) + kumiawasu = to combine dare ni datte - hvem som helst ("darenidatte kateru hazudesu!" = I should be able to win over anyone!) arekara - since then, after that****ø shogeru - to lose heart, perder su animó !!! XD sorenanoni - and yet.. uchimakasu - to defeat migoto - splendid sezuni - without (doing) [aaah so 'nashi' is only for substantives then??] tekagen - going easy on someone sorenanoni tekagen sezuni tatakai migotoni uchimakashita = and yet, you defeated (him) magnificently without going easy on (him) oueno - assistance, cheering (suru) anone - you see..***************** renraku-ga-toreru = to be able to get in touch (renraku - to contact, get in touch) ue to shita 2tsu no douro - the two road there are above and below (other: kinomi 3ko dekiteru - there are sorezore no douro - each road fukafuka - soft and fluffy umeru - to bury kinomi mizu wo agetemo ii desu ka? = can I water the berries? misebirakasu - to show off donna yatsu - any kind of guy / what kind of guy (in questions!) kisou - to compete with watashi ha tomodachi to docchi ga hayaku ichiban uemade ikeru ka taimu wo kisotteru no yo! = I'm competing with my friend about which one of us are going to be the topmost winner and set the fastest time on the board! (ichiban made = topmost) oira - we, us, I, me yousha - forgiveness, mercy (suru) michinori - distance, process kekkou = pretty (as in: kekkou ii = pretty good)!!, kekkou tooi = pretty far away**************************** ikka - a house, a family** idomu - to challenge (keredo . keredomo . kedo) kibishii - strict, relentlessly (ubarmhjertigt = uden medfølelse, ubetænktsomt), ubøjeligt, "en hard nød at knække" boro-make suru - to lose big time!*** tabi no tochuu daroukeredo - (you) are probably in the middle of a journey dokyou - bravery, courage omotteita yori tsuyoi nda ne kima ha! igai ni wakai no ne! = as i expected, you are young sugoude - remarkable ability anata tte nante tsuyoi no kashira! atashi datte - even i mago - grandchild kitaeru - to train senin - the whole crew, all members, everyone zehi - certainly uketoru - to accept (+ recieve) nakidasu - to burst into tears tsukaikonasu - to handle, master, manage******* konasu - to break to pieces, digest, handle easily kagiwakeru - to discern (at skelne) ukabu - to float jitto - patiently shuuchuuryoku - ability to concentrate (shuuchuu - concentration) aremaa - oh my!* namu sanbou - oh my great buddha! "oh my god!"** oyamaa - oh my, good heavens!*** kouryamata = this is...really (surprised) - koreha + mata (or maybe "hey there again")? or just hey there or suprise expression only?? youhou - direction, rules of use yattekuru - to come along harubaru - all the way, from a great distance****** kokochiyoui - comfortable, pleasant** raku - comfort, ease shurui = type, kind************** (taipu = type) 2-shurui no taipu = two kind of*** jitensha niha 2-shuruino taipu ga aruno wo wasuretotta! = I forgot that there are two kinds of bicycles" yokoshima - wicked, evil (na-adj)**** zenshin - one's whole heart (it can also mean "full" as in full-length, or whole as in the "whole body") ex: zenshin anma shinsetsu - kindness************* koukan suru - to exchange (kawasu, kurikaeru) koe wo kakeru - to call out on someone, greet*** oku no heya ni = in the back room (ude bagved)** kaisetsusho - manual (for instructions)****** nabiku - to wave, flutter (in the wind, ect) kiniiru - to be pleased with hansei - reflection aserazuni - stay calm, don't be rushed*** (zu form --> aseru = to be in a hurry) senden - propaganda, advertisement (suru) (acchikocchi) norimawasu - at køre / cykle rundt omkring futomomo - røv, ass, buttocks panpan - bang, slap, kapow, prostitute... kinnikutsuu - muscular pain (kinniku - muscles + kutsuu = pain [itami]) oriru - to descend, go down, get off koshou suru = at gå i stykker******** (bureeki ga koshou shichatta = my breaks broke down!!) tekunikku wo tsukawanai to susumenai basho mo aru shine = there are places where you can't go any further without using the techniques! (shine??)*** kakatta taimu ... 1pun ijyou! = "your time... nothing less than 1 minute!!!"* abunakkashii - dangerous miryoku - charm shibiru - to become numb, go to sleep yabou - ambition yashi - snowman shikake - mechanism, device, trick, gadget jiko - accident saisei - playback, regeneration, resuscitation, return to life, reincarnation jiko-saisei = the pokemon move 'recover'! tsuwamono - soldier, warrior, strong man kaizou - remodeling, restructuring (suru) keikaku - project, plan tobira - door, gate, opening uchikomu - to drive down kugurinugeru - to pass through, go throguh**** (heru) issou - much more, still more meichou - clarification (suru)? entotsu - chimney atari - hit, succes, nieghboorhood keshiki - landscape yamanobori - mountain climbing ashikoshi = legs and loins (referense to your legs !) kujiku - to crush, break (kudaku, kowasu, yaburu, tsubusu, waru) funsai - pulverization (suru) tsuku - to ascend, take seat, start journey, + arrive at houtai - bandage seou - to be burdened with hokahoka - steamy hot sunaarashi - sandstorm sakini - ahead, beyond sakini susumenai - can't go ahead soshitara - then (suruto) ochikomu - to fell sad udedameshi suru - to try out one's ability mokuhyou - taget, objective mejirushi - mark, sign (shirushi - mark, symbol, evidence) taishita - a big deal shizeni - naturally kankyou - environment + fun moshikasuruto - perhaps, maybe kibou - hope, wish koibito - sweetheart, lover jyounetsu - passion au-tame = in order to meet hitasura - determined on, set on something hakobu - to carry, transport, go, come, move ashi wo hakobu = to go to, visit mukou - on the other side of kairiki - superhuman strenght chikaramochi - strong man, muscle man komeru - to put into** atari-yasuku-suru = to be eaiser to hit kyuusho - vitals, i skridtet (av av) warito - relatively suzushii - chilly / cold weather hieru - to get cold, chilly kazan-bai - volcano ash saegiru - to interrupt atsugari - person sensitive to heat karakuri - trick, mechanism suru-gaii - you may aswell nozoku - to remove (+ peek) oku-ni - inside 2dome - 2nd fusagaru - at blive lukket op juku - coaching school, cramming school? yokei - too much, unnessecary oshitekite - came and pressed kashikoi - wise, clever, smart oto ga suru - to sound******************* meiro - maze, labyrinth GT: kurai ni sugoi - is great enough jikai - next time****** mou chotto - a little more hakken - discovery, finding (is used as in: "konna tokoroni tsuyou na toreenaa hakken!" kaishi - start, beginning mawasu - to turn, rotate**** mawaru - to turn, visit several places dai - (after someones name) a representive of "intabyuaa no mari to dai ga shoubu o shikakete kita!" "me ni kurui ha nai - i cant believe my own eyes!" (kurui = deviation = afvigelse [ændring, forskellighed], confusion) me wo tsukeru - to keep an eye on jitsu ha - honestly***** ironna basho - forskellige steder****** sugosu - to go through, pass******************** kansou - impression, thoughts*************** hitokotode - with one word saikou - supreme, awesome serifu - speech words (kime-zerifu = decided lines) terebi-bangumi - TV program***** housou - broadcasting (suru) chuumoku - notice, attention (+ suru = to notice / observe and remember)*************** hashirimawaru - to run around tsui - quite, just (+ a pair) counter for pairs of something maketemo naitari shinai zo! = I won't cry even if I lose! gusun - sniffle (crying sound) kankei - relation, connection********** GT: Tanoshinda hou ga kachi - I would rather enjoy wins azayaka - brilliant, vivid, clear iroazayaka - brightly colored, colorful kinoko - mushrooms mezameru - to wake up inseki - meteorite toosu - to let pass

PART: 8 Pokemon Emerald Notes

atsume no tochuu - in the middle of a thick.. (GT) / in the middle of the assebled matter gokko - pretend, game of make-believe imahitotsu - not quite, not very good**** ninpou - ninja arts kaijyuu - monster sagaru - to go down sainou - talent hakkutsu - excavation (suru) chuumoku suru - at opdage, notice* sassoku - at once, immediately* kaishi suru - to start, begin***************** yatara - excessively (overdrevent) saikou - supreme. awesome sugata - shap, appearence, figure yuujyou - friendship** taisen - great battle, great war osu dake de = simply press************ tsuman'nai = no fun (tsumaranai = boring, uninteresting) biidoro - old word for 'glass' (garasu) fukuro - bag, sack tamaru - to collect (atsumeru) funka - eruption shouko - evidence, proof yama no funka ha chikyuu ga ikiteiru shouko! = the eruptions of the volcanos are the proof that the earth lives! buruburu - shivering with cold or fear fukitobasu - to blow off, brush away, talk big kuyashii - regretable, lamentable assari - easely seichou suru - to grow ryuusei - meteor, falling star taki - waterfall suiri - reasoning nigasu - to set free, let loose tsukamu - at tage fat i (better translation (Y)) ayashige - suspicious jinbutsuga - portrait painting (jinbutsu = character, personality) dehairi - in and out, coming and going kitan - mysterious story nonbiri - carefree, at leisure chihou - area nandemonai - harmless, easy kaseki - fossil kimi mo niichan mitaini ana wo hotte mina yo - you can also try to dig holes like my big brother isshunde - istantly (lit. with a instant)* iriguchi - entrence* doushitemo - no matter what, at any rate idomu - to challenge nakami - contens kachime - chance of succes, odds kibun - feeling, mood, humør kikkake motive, chance chirakaru - to be in disorder midareru - to be disordered muchuu - within a deep dream, trance, ecstacy (GT: muchuuni = crazY) tensou suru - to tranfer adobaisu - advice seiri - sorting, arrangement (suru) kimodameshi - test of courage, a dare (suru?) shiawase - happiness surudoi - pointed, sharp tsuno - horn youi - preparation (suru) katsudou - action, activity** youjin - care, precaution (verb) bekarazu - must not do (verb) mitame - appearance*** bikkuri suru - to be surprised (odoroku) kodama - echo kodomo no koro - when i was a child omoidoori - as one likes oomachigai - great mistake mendou - trouble sassato - quickly abayo - good-bye manuke - stupid, idiot (na-adj) rikuchi wo fuyasu - to increase the land (rikuchi = land) hakai - destruction shukuteki - longtime enemy, arch-enemy shidekasu - to do, finnish up, perpetrate ? ********************* deha saraba da! = good bye!******(samurai-style!) arawareru - to appear tokui - unique, + triumph, one's strong point (na-adj) renga - brick meisou - meditation oshioki - punishment (suru) manzoku - satisfaction himitsu no shugyou basho - secret training spot sono kawari - but on the other hand... yakudatsu - to be useful gakushuu - study, learning souchi - equipment, installation, device egao - smiling face dakedenaku - not just.. but also.. kokoroyoku - gladly, willingly hikiukeru - to be responsible for, take up wagasha - our company seikou - succes, hit + sexual intercourse kansha kangeki ame arare nano desu sonna suteki na toreenaa-san ni guddo nyuusu! mamonaku - soon**** fukkatsu - resurrection nagashikomou - to pour into, insert yougan - lava daichi - ground, earth zoufuku - amplification (elec.) tachimachi - in a moment******** suddenly, immedeatly entotsu-yama no kazan katsudou ha kappatsu ni naru = skorstens-bjergets vulkan vil blive aktiv! kakou - processing, manufacturing, mashining (noun) okufukaku - profound, deep hatarakikakeru - to begin to work boyaku - to complain (guchiru) hatten - development, growth mezasu - to aim at (nerau) hitomazu - for now****** fusegu - to defend, project (kabau, mamoru) mikata - friend, ally (nakama, tomo, ...) hikitsuduki - continuing for a long time meibutsu - famous product, speciality senbei - rice cookie, japanese cracker***** dekoboko - roughness sandou - mountain trail tamaranai - unendurable kuyashii - regretable, lamentable masaru - to surpass ESUPAA -ESPer : one who has ESP (extrasensory perception) …….oversanselige perception ajito - hideout**** kinisezu - to care about, mind (kamau) [kinisezu = zu-form] kigaru - carefree, lighthearted ikkini - at once oshiri - ass, numse *** baundo suru - to bounce deppari - tumor ashiba - scaffolding (stilladser), footing, foothold (fodfæste) tobikoeru - to jump over dansa - differense in level (jævnhed...) kinsetsu - urgent ayashii - suspicious hanekaesu - to reject, bounce back taisuru - to face each other jyounetsu - passion hageshii - furious ukkari - carelessly kibaru - to go all out moesakaru - to blaze, burn brightly shouri - victory (kachi) yogen - prediction (suru) takibi - open air fire habashi - bare foot mane - imitation, mimicry (suru) oth. vers: maneru - to mimic, imitate tokuni - escpecially, particularly*********** sameru - to become cool toushi - investment (freezing to death + furtive or stealthy glance) moyasu - to burn (moeru) 200do - tohundrede grader kaishou - cancellantion hitotoki - moment, time kiryoku - willpower, energi hiasobi - playing with fire kega - injury yokuzo - how admirably, how wonderfully****** yuzuru - to assign, hand over, transmit (watasu, tensou) naritatsu - to consist of enryo sezuni - without hesitation (GT) dameeji - damage moguru - to dive, go underground iseki - historic ruins nazo - riddle, puzzle tokiakasu - to explain, dispel doubts ********** michiru - to be full kizetsu - faint (suru) niau - to suit, match heiki - calmness + weapons

PART:9 Pokemon Emerald Notes

sudeni - already (mou) tobira - opening, door meichuu - critical hit (a hit, hitting something that was aimed for) saki - previous, former + ahead, the other side, hereafter uwate - skilful (only in comparisons) tegowai - difficult, tough utsukushii - beautiful, lovely kenami - type, sort (+ lie of a dog's hair???) mitoreru - to be fascinated by fujiyuu - discomfort, inconvenience jissen - practice**************** jikkuri - carefully (tokuto = carefully) saboru - to skip school kanesonaeru - to have both******************** sorezore - severally, each, hver især bunrui - clasification, sorting hitsujyuhin - necessities, needed stuff, essentials (hitsuju -necessary) omoikitta - bravely, drastic omoikiru - to give up all thoughts of, abandon kougeki wo tokui to shiteiru wa = attack with pride shikirenai - impossible to do (adj-i) doryoku - (great) effort tsuchikau to cultivate, foster ichigeki - blow, hit tekagen suru - to go easy on someone kyuusho - vital, tender spots atai suru - to be worth, deserve sonkei - respect, honor************** kisou - to compete with meishou - name, title yuuri - advantageous saranaru - even more shiren - test, trial konran - chaos, mayhem kizuna - bonds zenryoku - all one's power dokotonaku - for some reason**************** yakusoku doori - as promised**************** shinken - seriousness (HONKI)¨ tamaranai - endureable tsukusu - to exhaust, to serve a person kimari - settlement okurimono - present, gift (puresento) konasu - to handle easy******************** bai ni naru = is doubled**************** iiyou - manner of speaking fushiki - the unknown yobidasu - to summon sukkari - completely**** torimodosu - to take back, get back mousugu - very soon***** shujin - head of household naisho - secrecy, privacy angai - unexpectedly (na-adj) seikaku - character, personality shikkari - firmly (as you know but can also be used with 'suru') shippo - tail furu to wave hassha suru = to shoot, fire ******************' (hanatsu) somaru - to be dyed in nodoka - calm nagomu - to calm down, be softened buruu - sad umi ga aoi riyuu - the reason that the ocean is blue***** akiru - to get tired of, lose interest in taijuu - one's body weight kibarashi - recreation (noun) kakushin - innovation kaipan-yarou - shorts (seaside use) - rascal oboreru - to nearly drown riku - land, shore kyousou - competition, contest hyottoshite - by any chance hoomuguraundo de maketa... shokku! = jeg tabte på hjemmebane.... jeg er shokeret! umi ni ukande nami ni yurareteru to fukafuka no beddo de neteru mitai = if you can float in the sea and swing in the waves, it's like sleeping in a puffy bed! or: floating and being rocked by the waves --- it's like sleeping in a plush, comfy bed! monozuki - curiosity kinen - memory kou itta - this sort of (konna) souko - store house, warehouse moguru - to dive, go underground yotte kichatta - i got siea sick X-P tanken - exploration pittari - exactly nanda ka waku waku shiteiru yo! = get excited somehow! tsuide ni - while you're at it, taking the opportunity sashikomu - to instert fukuzatsu - complicated********* fukuzatsu na onnagokoro = women's complicated feelings and psychology jiman - pride, boast iyanaoto - screech hiyake sunburn, suntan taisaku - counter-plan hoppe no atari - by the side of your cheecks fukkin - abs, abdominal muscles futarikkiri - just the two of them hatsuden-souchi - generation device (generation of electric power) kiru - to cut, but also: to turn of light bousou - running wildly, rampage gimi - -like, -looking itawaru - to sympathize with, care for, pity enryo sezu ni - without hesitation tanomoshii - reliable yorokobashii - delightful, happy tsuri-zao - fishing rod aruiha - or, possibly************* kinisuru - to care about hanpa - incomplete set, incompletedness, fragment habataku - to flap wings oira - we, us, i, me karei - magnificence ryuusei - meteor inseki - meteorite nagare-ochiru = to run down, flow down taishita - great, a big deal tatsujin - matser, expert* (meijin - master, expert) nazo - mystirious hannou - reaction hakadoru - to make progess, advance*** dono kurai = que tan***************** kaishi - start, beginning kansou - impression, thoughts kettei - decision taikutsu - boredom housou - broadcast terebi bangumi - TV program chuumoku - attention (suru) eizou - picture on the TV, + construction karamaru - at blive viklet ind i noget jishin nakushimashita - i lost my self-confidence mitame - appearence mitame doori - look as expected hana-batake - flower garden hakkutsu - discovery kakujitsu ni - surely, certainly yatara - excessively ikken - glimt jikai - next time shinogu - to surpass, endure jinsei - human life bacchiri - perfectly choushi - state of healt yuzame - feeling chilly after a bath (yuatari -dizzyness caused by prolonged hot bath) kitan - mysterious story daibun - a lot****** senpei - vanguard youyaku - finally, at last shouhai - victory or defeat, outcome nanka kuyashii - que lamantable soshiara - then***** mezame - waking yuuga - elegance, refinement hitotoki - time, moment katamari - bundle, mass, kludder, bunke kichi - base migaru - casual, light, carefree (adj-na) warini ha - despie, comparatively jiko no moto - a cause of an accident hitsujyuhin - necessities chishiki - knowledge gijutsu - art, craft, technique chishiki-busoku = lack of knowledge (FUSOKU - SHORTAGE;LACK) tebanasu - to release, part with nanigoto - everything kishuu - suprise attack minarau -to follow anothers example yokosu - to send, hand over*********** sappari - feeling relieved kankei - relation, connection itadaki - easy win for someone ayatsuru - to manipulate arawareru - to appear (to wash - passive form) kuseni - works like 'noni' are you saying that are trying to stand in the way of the ideals of team aqua? ? wareware agua-dan no jyama wo shiyou to iu no ?? kowai mono shirazu - fearless oroka - stupid, foolish nikurashii - odious, hateful kanbu - management, leadership, leader agua-dan dakedemo - team aqua alone kagimawaru - to sniff around for (looking for) tsuukashite- through houmen - area (chihou) toitte - works as 'toshite' jiyuujizaini - freely

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