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Vocabulary words are divided into four categories:

  • 漢字: The word in Chinese characters
  • ひらがな: All in Hiragana
  • 意味: Definition in English
  • Part of Speech: Says if it is a noun, adverb (adv), adjective (adj), verb, or conjunction (conj). Verbs are specifies if it is an 一段 verb (V1), 五段 verb (V5), or irregular (V irr). Adjectives are categorized by type: (I-adj) or (Na-adj)

All verbs are in plain, dictionary form.

These words appear in the start-up screen: When you load up the game, when you make a file, when change the settings in the option panel, etc.

漢字 ひらがな 意味 Part of speech
伝説 でんせつ Legend Noun
消す けす To erase Verb (V5)
戻る もどる To return Verb (V5)
決定 けってい Decision Noun
選択 せんたく Selection Noun
明るさ あかるさ Brightness Noun
注目 ちゅうもく Notice, attention Noun
止める やめる To stop Verb (V1)
入力 にゅうりょく Input, entry Noun
英数 えいすう English characters Noun
開く あく To open Verb (V5)
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